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Support free and open volleyball play on San Diego area State Beaches


California State Parks & Recreation has announced plans to further commercialize volleyball play on certain San Diego area State Beaches by turning control of public courts over to a third party concession. Based on recent history where this has been done on a more limited basis, it will result in recreational players having to "pay to play" volleyball. (Past amounts have been anywhere from $189 - $249 per year or up to $10/day/person). The State is currently "fast tracking" this new concession by opening the Requests For Proposal (RFP) process on 1/23/2020 and requiring proposals within 45 days. The State has not provided any period for public comment.


I am signing this petition to express general opposition to this commercialization of recreational beach volleyball play. I further urge the State to delay the RFP process and to engage the volleyball community as a whole to find out what would actually benefit the users of these public resources (players).

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